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Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, it can have a real impact on your social and professional interactions with people, but San Pedro, CA, cosmetic dentist Dr. Garrick Denny can help.

At the dental practice of Garrick Denny, DDS, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatment options for correcting aesthetic tooth problems and giving patients more attractive and healthy-looking smiles. Dr. Denny blends the art and science of dentistry to transform teeth with flaws into picture-perfect smiles.

Highlight your natural beauty and boost your self-esteem. Contact us to start your cosmetic treatment today!


What are My Cosmetic Options?

There is a wide array of cosmetic treatments that not only keep your teeth healthy but also enhance their appearance and give you a sensational smile. At our dental office, your cosmetic dentistry options include:

Strength and Beauty with Composite Fillings

As an alternative to silver-colored amalgam fillings, Dr. Denny offers composite fillings, which use a natural tooth-colored resin to fill in areas of decay or damage. These filling match the appearance of the tooth and becomes practically invisible, restoring the shape and health of the tooth.

Effective Smile Enhancements with Bonding

Bonding offers an affordable solution for correcting the appearance of teeth, and can be done in a single visit. The cosmetic bonding resin can be shaped and colored to give a completely natural appearance, allowing the dentist to conceal chips, cracks, minor gaps, and stubborn stains.

Chairside Teeth Whitening for Stunning Results

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A bright, beautiful smile allows you to make a great first impression and is often an indicator of strong oral health and well-being. Unfortunately, even the most diligent brushers can still experience worn or discolored teeth due to diet, lifestyle choices, or everyday wear and tear.

Whether you want to enhance your smile to improve your daily self-esteem or are preparing to make a memorable entrance at an upcoming event, our dental team proudly provides chairside teeth whitening to help you obtain those dramatic pearly whites.

How Teeth Whitening Treatment Works

The first step in your teeth whitening treatment is ensuring that your smile is healthy. A strong foundation of oral health helps to ensure that your cosmetic treatment will have better, longer-lasting results.

Our teeth whitening solution is administered under expert supervision and can dramatically improve the shade of your smile within an hour, depending on your level of discoloration. Because your teeth whitening treatment is performed in our office, it is designed with every comfort in mind. Our team understands your busy schedule and designs our teeth whitening solutions so that you can see real, visual results quickly.

Tips to Keep Your Smile Bright and Beautiful

Once the desired shade of your enamel is reached, you can leave our office with full confidence, ready to show off your smile to the world!

To help your treatment last as long as possible, we recommend avoiding acidic foods such as soda, coffee, certain teas, as well as fruits for an hour after receiving teeth whitening. Patients should also avoid brushing their teeth immediately after treatment, as the natural saliva in your mouth helps to re-mineralize your tooth enamel.

Strong and Stylish with Porcelain Crowns

Crowns offer a way for patients to reinforce weakened teeth while improving the overall aesthetic quality of your smile. Porcelain crowns are highly durable and able to withstand daily chewing and speaking. They’re ideal for people who have dental damage, tooth decay, or worn teeth from grinding.

Porcelain Veneers are Beautiful and Customized

Veneers are made of porcelain that looks nearly identical to natural tooth enamel. These thin porcelain shells are affixed to the most visible teeth to transform your smile completely.

Veneers are bonded to the front surface of teeth to cover mild discoloration, damage, or misalignment. Their lustrous and lifelike appearance make them a popular cosmetic treatment for helping to achieve stylish, dynamic smiles.

Getting Your Custom Veneers

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Each veneer is custom made to fit the unique contours of your teeth. They are also tailored to highlight the beauty of your facial structure and features. Dr. Denny will work with you to design veneers that suit your personal preferences and bring out your natural beauty.

Porcelain veneer treatment is completed in two dental visits. At the first visit, we will prepare your teeth with a slight buffering, and then digital impressions will be sent to our trusted lab to craft your veneers.

Usually, your veneers are fabricated and ready for placement within a couple of weeks. Using permanent bonding material and a curing lamp, we efficiently place the veneers, creating the smile you always wanted.

Straighter, Healthier Smiles with Invisalign®

Cosmetic Dentistry Invisalign Patient

For patients with crooked or misaligned teeth, Dr. Denny recommends Invisalign, an alternative to braces that spares patients many of the hassles associated with traditional metal braces. Using clear plastic aligners, Invisalign gently guides teeth into place.

Because the aligners are clear, people won’t notice them, and because they don’t use metal brackets or wires, patients feel much less discomfort. Also, the aligners are removable, so patients can eat, brush their teeth, and floss without difficulty.

5 Ways to Protect Your New Smile

Once you’ve completed your cosmetic treatment, you want to do everything you can to protect your beautiful new smile. Here are five healthy habits for you to pick up to keep your smile in top shape.

1. Brush Twice a Day

You need to brush your teeth in the morning and evening. Brush for two minutes and use a whitening and fluoridated toothpaste. Every day, your teeth are exposed to substances that leave subtle stains on your enamel. You can stay on top of staining and dental damage with daily brushing.

2. Remember to Floss

People notice your gums when you smile, which should be pink and evenly outline your teeth. Flossing is essential to gum health, as it removes bacteria that may be growing under the gum line. Bacteria cause bad breath and can make your gums swell, bleed, and appear red. Regular flossing promotes periodontal health and keeps your gums an appealing part of your smile.

3. Toss the Tobacco

Tobacco is very damaging to both your teeth and gums. It stains your teeth and wreaks havoc on your gums by limiting their oxygen supply. Yellowed teeth and grayish gums come with regular tobacco use, not to mention bad breath.

Tobacco particles can remain in your mouth for days after use and smoking double your likelihood of tooth loss. Refrain from using tobacco products if you want the best for your dental health.

4. Pay Attention to What You Eat

Certain foods should only be consumed in moderation, and always followed with a glass of water. Sugary foods allow harmful bacteria to feast and release a corrosive acid that causes cavities. Heavily pigmented foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, berries, sodas, and soy sauce stain teeth.

5. Don’t Forget the Dentist!

Finally, see your dentist routinely to catch any signs of damage early and have your teeth professionally cleaned. You may be overlooking hidden areas in your smile where bacteria can lurk, damage your smile, and cause bad breath.

Early intervention prevents damage from progressing. Cleanings also fortify your enamel with fluoride treatments and polish away stains in your enamel.

Learn More and Visit our Cosmetic Dentist in San Pedro, CA

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Dr. Denny listens to your concerns and offers solutions that can brighten, straighten, and renovate your smile. Whether seeking a minor enhancement or a complete makeover, he provides quality dental care that makes you look and feel great.

Dr. Denny works with each individual to determine the best possible treatments for each situation. For high-quality cosmetic dentistry in San Pedro or Rancho Pales Verdes, contact Denny Dental today or schedule your appointment online. We look forward to providing you with a bright, white and beautiful smile!


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